A Letter To My Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry [50+Messages]

A Letter To My Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry. You are here because you have been searching how to make my boyfriend cry through love letter. This can serve as paragraph for him to make him cry.

Here your question “How to make my boyfriend cry” is answered with detailed ideas and love letter examples.


Writing emotional letters that will make him cry is very important. Someone might ask what are best ways to write love messages that will make my boyfriend cry?


Is simple to get your boyfriend cry. I will be haring the exact method my girlfriend used to make me cry. That’s what that moved me to write this article.


How I Should Write A Letter To My Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry

Write from your heart, be real, try to use what that happened between you and him. You can write more than one love letter. Wrap them in different envelopes and tight them together. Give it to him but attach a condition “Read at when you are about to go to bed or at you free and leisure time”.


When you will give the love letters to him it will definitely turn him on and make him cry hard. My girlfriend this and got me crying.


She use our down time when we were apart; though she the one that stopped picking my calls. The truth is that before I could finish reading the letter showing how sorry she is I began crying.

NOTE: Now just have in mind that your major aim is not to make him cry really hard but to get him emotional. That implies that you need to use those words that shows your true love and feeling for him.


I will be sharing same format of the letter she sent to me


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Paragraph For Him To Make Him Cry


Below are love letters on how to make your boyfriend cry over you. You can add or remove so parts to meet your personal desire.

❤I wish I did say sorry; I wish I never displayed my stupidity. You cared and love me even when I care less. You took cover of me for the rain to beat you. You fight my cause and made my worries you burden. You were beside me when all friends are gone.
I just can’t imagine how I forget the good deeds. I can’t imagine what I have put you through. I left you in the cold hands. I made loneliness your companion. I just want to say am sorry. I promise to never leave you again; I LOVE YOU

Many times I feel like saying I love you is not enough to show how much I truly love and value you. Words are not enough to express my love for you. The poet has no lines to prove it. The world exists because of the love I have for you.

Now I have no doubt that you are the one that make my life complete. Love was just a mere word till I met you. Now I know the value of the word because am afraid of losing you. I love you more than anything. A Letter To My Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry

You are the reason, I totally melt inside. I pinch myself because I know you are mine. Though every season, so many ways you let me know; there are many reasons; that you make me glow.
You are the reason that my heart always sing. You are the breathe of life. I wonder how things changed when I meet you. Nothing is real more than you.
You are my lucky star, my lover, my friend and my life. The reason I wake up every morning, life feels better with you.
Written by Robinwely
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You can translate the while page to hindi by visiting this page with Google chrome. How to make your boyfriend cry over you.

❤Each time I say I love you; I want to mean something more than three words. Am trying to let you know I enjoy your company, adore, and cherish every moment spent with you.
Am trying to let you understand how I get lost in your eye. How I need and want you in my life. Baby, I always get lost in thought each time I think about you.
Whenever I say I love you I am trying to explain that you are the best things that have happened to me. I imply those words when I say it, and it means things beyond them.

Written by Robinwely
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❤You are the real man strong and courageous; worth dying for. The one that unlocks my smile with just a look. You are the man because you ring my bell. So cool and intelligent, I need you beside me always. Get well baby don’t want to lose you to sickness…. paragraph for him to make him cry

Hey I miss you so much. Am missing a part of me. My life is shattered. This is what it have become all I want is to be wrapped in your cool arms. My heart is for you.


How To Make Your Boyfriend Cry Over You


Use the following letter template to write nice love letters that will make him cry. A Letter To My Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry for long

❤Do you remember how we began, the joy, smiles and laughter shared. I was really happy how we dared and dream of our future together. We made promises to each other, though we broke them but still got each other’s back.
I remembered how we loved for nothing until the wind blow, what caused it I don’t know. It took away our joy and our future together slipped away. We now love each other for reasons. I might not found an answer to why it all happened.
But one thing I know for sure is that I will always love and care for you. I am not ready to give up on us. You are still my true love.

Written by Robinwely


❤Dear boyfriend;

I want to tell you what that attracts me most to you. Your eye attracts me most. No, it’s your charming smile. Ooh I can’t figure out but is your physique. I love to see your face.
Your blushing face attracts me most. I guess is your charming eye that I always get lost in. is the way you speak to make me crazy is what that attracted me most. This just to tell you that I love everything about you.

How To Make A Guy Cry With Words


❤Wondering if I am loved back. From the moment I start thinking about you I move to another world. A world where is only and me exist. A world where I will not be hurt again.

I have never lost my way before, my mind goes blank completely. My heart really sinks with your love.

If letting you go is a choice I would have adhered to it but a voice keep telling me I shouldn’t. The truth is that I can’t control the strong voice.

Maybe I shouldn’t have met you; maybe loving you was by mistake. I can’t close my eye and smile in peace again. In your presence my heart wouldn’t break again. At first I thought I can play with it. I never knew it can go this far.

Maybe is mistake I considered now if you feel same. I wonder if you think of me, I wonder if you call my name silently. Each time I ask myself if I have ever crossed your mind.

I am just wondering if my dream of eternity with you will be reality. I will always love and care for you. I wonder if you will do same.

Love Poem Written by Robinwely
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❤I have made mistakes in life but my greatest deeds is meeting you and telling you how much I really care and want to be with you. You came in and perfected my life. Me and you are perfect meeting of LOVE. paragraph for him to make him cry


Final Words On A Letter To My Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry

Now you have seen all we got on letter to my boyfriend telling him how i feel. You are free to copy anyone and edit to your test.

The best way to make a guy cry over text is to write on how your emotion moves you. paragraph for him to make him cry

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