Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Laugh And Smile

So many ladies always think that is the guy that have to start the conversation or texting messages. But this is really wrong, if you value you man don’t wait for him to start texting. Here I have funny things to text a guy to make him laugh. Hey girl stop making him bored and jealous of those girl. Start sending him funny messages that will make him laugh and wish to love you more.


Keeping a relationship romantic and funny should be business of both partners. A conversation will be of poor state if the guy has to do all the talking and questioning. All you reply is “cool, funny or lol”. As much as you love him try to say funny things that will make your guy laugh. It should be your responsibility as well as his.


You might be asking what to text a guy to make him want you or things to say to your boyfriend to make him laugh. Don’t worry, I have taken my time to research and get best of funny things to text a guy to make him laugh.

Sending him love messages or texts to make him miss you can go a long way to increase trust in a relationship.



Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Laugh Hard


The messages below will help rekindle and maintain love among you. Flirty good messages for him always.


Let’s talk about things to your boyfriend to make him laugh


❤Can I count the ways that i love you. I love and cherish you to the breadth, width and height of my heart. Ouch I just bite my tongue now!. I have a nice day.

❤Hey baby; someone met me at the walk way today and asked me. “Why do you love him?”. Before I could open my mouth to say something. My bestie rushed and close my mouth saying “don’t even start”. Words can’t explain how much I love you. Have a blissful day.

💕I always pray every morning that nothing will come in between us. You know I can do anything for you. I will always love you my heart bearer.

💕The best thing that will happened to me is growing old with you. I love you beyond measure.

💕All the smiles you received today came from the lips. But they is a smile that is not from the lips. It is from the heart, a smile that came from me. Wake him up each day with Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Laugh

💕I laugh, love, hope, try, hurt, need, fear, cry. I know you do same thing, we are really not different. Thanks for having me in your life.

💕You know that your smile makes me go crazy. Hope you know that my favorite color is RED

💕I love it when you are staring at me.

💕I can’t find my heart anywhere, did you steal it?

💕You are accused of stealing, hijacking and kidnapping my heart. Do you plead guilty or not? I will give you a life sentence to fall in love with me.

💕You are the most beautiful thing that have happened to me. My fear disappears in your arms.

💕Wish the distance can be taken away, my heart is always aching for you.

💕Eternity isn’t enough to spend with you, wish you are here to grab my hands and pull me close.

💕I hope you are having a nice day, our life together is the main definition of perfection. I can’t stop thinking about you.


10 Most Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Laugh


💕I can’t wait to see you tonight. Come and see me smiling like a fool when I received your text.

💕My soulmate are you a magician? When I look at you, everyone around disappears. Am the luckiest girl on earth for having you.

💕I will be delighted to wake up everyday with you around me. So that I can kiss your forehead every morning.

💕You are always funny, a day wouldn’t go by without you making me laugh out loud. Thanks for allowing me to be in your life.



Emotional But Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Laugh


Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Laugh


💕I am crazy about you, you better prepare for me when you get home.

💕You make me feel amazing and loved, Thanks for your love sweetie.

💕Where have you been, since I found you. I find myself, you are really precious gift from God.

💕I am making a wish list now, guess what you are on top of my wish list. Me and you forever!


Fill your boyfriend or crush inbox with Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Laugh

💕Sweetheart you are really smart and the most interesting person I have met.

💕If raindrop signifies that I love you, and you ask me how much I have you. I bet you it will rain till eternity.

💕Thinking of what to wear. Should I wear a short skirt tonight or a really short skirt? Reply me now.

💕Many ask me how much I love you?
My reply: Words can’t explain either will any man put it in words. How much I love you. Stay cool my forever wine.

💕Other girls jealous me, do you know why? Because am the luckiest girl on earth to have you as my boyfriend and best friend. You worth more that Gold, I LOVE YOU.

💕You are so ugly, sometimes I ask myself why I agreed to be your girlfriend. You reminds me of my father’s dead monkey. Did you squeeze your face, oooh no don’t. I love you all the time no matter how ugly or beautiful you will be. Me and you forever.



Heart Touching but Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Laugh


💕You are my whole world, I will be lost in life without you.

💕Each time I see you, you make my heart beat out of my chest. You are my heart bearer.

💕The fact is that you stole my heart a long time ago and I never want you to give it back. You make me feel safe (like a queen) when am with you. Your arms make me feel at home.

💕Guess what, I always get lost with your smiles. I imagine life without you.

💕I will do anything to make you happy. You amaze me more and more everyday.


Final Words On Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Laugh


In every relationship, is always important to keep in touch with your partner. It does n’t matter who is taking the lead. As a girlfriend don’t try to be mute. Why not take any of the messages above and fill his inbox with Funny Things To Text A Guy To Make Him love you more. This can make him to want you more over and over.


Don’t allow your relationship to be bored, keep it fun and lively with love messages or SMS for boyfriend. Flirty messages are not left out, don’t wait for the guy to take the first shot. Kill him with any of the heartfelt, emotional and funny messages for him.


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