Best Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend

Many believe that love messages will only be sent to your partner on special days, which is not true. Sending love SMS on daily basis can improve your relationship. As a girl with heart touching love messages for boyfriend can actually make him put smiles on his face daily. Many girls thinks is only boys that are meant to be texting while in a relationship.

Love is beautiful; sending your partner heart touching messages is important in every relationship. Keeping your relationship in romantic mood can help you bypass bad situations. This can be made possible with deep love messages for him.


Why not wake him up from sleep daily with most touching love messages for him. Many girlfriends find it difficult to compose most touching love messages for boyfriend. It takes emotion with good English. This article was written to help solve the problem and provide touching love messages for him to make him smile for long.


Best Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend


The following is our best collection of Love messages that a girlfriend can send to a her boy friend. These messages has all it takes to get your partner emotional attached to you. Make him feel special and loved.


Although, in most part of the world like Africa sending love SMS is meant for the guys only. That’s too bad, as a girl you can secure your dream man or guy by showing how much you love him. One of the common ways to show this is by sending him Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriends.


Try keep your relationship in romantic mood and show your partner how much you care with heart touching love SMS.


Let’s get started with best heart touching messages for him!!!

❤Every time I look at you, I always smile to myself because I wouldn’t have been better without you. You are precious and perfect in your ways. I love you Sweetheart


❤Each time I make a wish, you are always on top of my wish list. I wish that you will never leave me. I wish that we will be forever together. I pray that it will come through. Am afraid to lose you, Honey.


❤I might not been with you forever. It will not be possible to write your name on the sky. I might not been the perfect definition of the lover you want. But I will promise you one thing, as long as we sticky together. I owe you my love and will always remain truthful.

❤Take a look at the keyboard, see how U and I were placed together side by side. That’s how the English alphabet should be rearranged because we are meant to always be together.


❤Thanks for been with me through the hell of my life. You cared and supported me even when the whole world was against me. You proved your true love to me those years. Honey, you are my Hero. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH


❤If I am a teardrop in your eye, I will drop and roll to your lips. But if you are a teardrop in my eye, I wouldn’t cry because am really afraid of losing you. Thanks for having me in your life.


Most Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend


If you desire to have all from him, why not make him feel special and different from others guys. With the following Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend you can achieve that. Keep your man cool with touching love messages for him.


❤Having you as my boyfriend is the best gift of nature in my life. Am really blessed because of this gift everyday. I wonder what is life? Without this gift. I cherish and Love you Dear.


❤The love I have for you increase daily. I imagine life without your care. You are cute and gentle, I promise to take care of your heart against fragile things. You mean a lot to me.


❤They feed us with lies that love can’t see. I have seen it thousand times of the genuine and true love you have for me. It is the most adorable and beautiful thing I have ever set my eye on.


❤Am happy for you been in my life. Thanks for been there for me when I needed you most. I wonder where you have been?? I never knew someone can love me with all his heart. You broke me from the chain of loneliness. I always think that all men are same but now you prove me wrong. I can’t help myself loving you more. Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend That Will Make Him Love You More.


The following are best heart touching messages for him to wake up to. All you need to do is copy and paste it for him.


❤I pray that nothing will separate us. Do you know why?? You are special, cute, kind and handsome. You are the one I want to be the father of my children. Togetherness for forever

❤Who gave you the key? Each time you look into my eyes. My heart melt and makes me fall in love with you over and over again. Have a nice day, my Love


❤I just want to confess that I love it when you play with me. The way you touch my hair makes me go crazy. Please promise me that you wouldn’t leave me.

❤I always think that LOVE is a SCAM. But now you made me understand that love is the greatest feeling that any human can feel. Please stay with me, I can’t afford to lose you.


❤The greatest happening in my life is been blessed by the almighty with a precious gem like you. I give you my heart, take care of it.


❤I don’t want the whole world to hear or know me. All I want is your warm hug and kisses. You are my world darling.


❤Greatest moments of my life are those ones spent with you. They are like treasures more precious than Gold. I promise to always preserve, I miss u each day.



 Deep Love Messages For Him

heart touching love messages for boyfriend

Always surprise him with Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend. These messages will eventually make him smile and wish to know more about you.


❤Like the fingers of a guitarist strumming lovingly on the strings of his tool, so my heart strums all day long loving thoughts of you. Am falling in love with you


❤I remembered our first meeting still fresh just like yesterday. Am amazed how hearts connected together and become one. Hey, I can’t live without you. I will be with you no matter what life brings.


❤Why do I love you? I ask myself. Why wouldn’t I love you is the answer that I get. You leave me with no other option than loving you. Your love is awesome and sweet surpassing honey. Let it abide forever, I pray.

❤I was testing you those days. Guess what?? You have earned my love. I will always love you sweetie.


❤If you are a flower, I will take care of you. Water you day and night, give you the best cut ever. You are precious to me dear.


Short Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend To Wake Up To


❤No one is perfect, neither you nor me. But in our imperfections, we made something beautiful and awesome. It worth preserving, You are the best boyfriend in the world.


❤Before I met you, my life was miserable. Now I have the opportunity to compensate those years by spending and cherishing every moment with you. I love you so much.


❤You are unique, unusual, caring, charming, handsome, very gentle. That makes you special from others. You are the kind of man I want in my life. Please stay with me always


❤I want so much to cuddle to your chest, touch your lips, hold your hands, hug and never let you go! I love you! Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend


❤Hey handsome, can I tell you a secret. There was a time I didn’t love you. But that’s before I met you.


❤Beautiful moments, lovely memories, tender kisses, warm hugs is what I dream to share with you as we grow old. My lover boy


❤What is life without you… You mean everything to me; because with you I found happiness, joy, peace, and solace. Am incomplete without you.


❤I have few words to say because words can’t express the love I have for you. I love you beyond measure. Best Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend

❤Always thinking about you so much even when I tried hard not to. Then I realized it is so because I love you. I cherish you forever.

❤No matter where life will choose to take me to. I have made the choice to be near you. I cherish you forever.

❤I hope every day will always be beautiful and lively just as the thought of you brighten up my mind. Good morning my prince charming

Final Words On Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend


Waking your man up everyday with deep love messages for him, will show him how much you care and want to be with him.

Many people don’t know the role SMS or messages play in a relationship. A messages can either build or destroy a relationship. Why not take good advantage of it and show your partner another dimension of love.

As a girl, break the bond and text your dream him. It does not make you cheap but help build and strengthen your relationship. Don’t bother to write, just copy and paste any of the above heart touching love messages in English.  Get free ticket to his heart.

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